Training – sport

Training camp

We are located near many sport facilities and are therefore host for many teams for their training camps. Within 300m you will find places to practice swimming, badminton, soccer, ice skating, ice hockey, curling, European hand ball, tennis, and track and field.

We will help you book your practices.

Booking made easy
We work closely together with the swimming stadium and will book your training directly, so you only need one contact person.

Prices 2017 per Person per Night – the price includes Overnight, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.


Shared bath and toilet

Private bath and toilet 

4- bedded rooms

dkk 420,-

dkk 520,-

3-bedded rooms

dkk 470,-

dkk 570,-

2-bedded rooms

dkk 525,-

dkk 625,-


dkk 630,-

dkk 830,-

Lanes in Svømmestadion Danmark costs:

dkk 140,- per 50 m Lane per Hour / dkk 120,- pers 25 m Lane per Hour


Experience from one of our guests:

“Esbjerg is the ideal place for a training camp for all types of swimmers, both younger swimmers and competition level swimmers. The distance to the pool and the food makes the place a champion.” – Anne Forsell, Sødertørn Swim team, Sweden.